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Friday, January 18, 2008
This blog is dead ...

Long live the new blog.

See you there - new and MUCH improved. Hope you're along for the ride. Xs and Os and thanks muchos for the support.

your ever-lovin',

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Monday, January 14, 2008
Life ...

It happens, donut?
So busy ...
Few evenings, even.
New job -
Tough school, tough kids,
But great, wonderful kids too
And def a great staff.
Still - was ready for Christmas.

Christmas in Montreal
Best in a very long time,
Especially after last year -
A real toughie! Glad we all got through.
New Years was good too,
Spent with friends
(both Eve and Day,
Although I wish I hadn't forgotten my purse),
And sticking to resolutions
(except the eating one).

New resolution - keep writing.
Or more accurately, write again.
No promises here - I always break them.
But it's just a matter of making time;
I'm always happy when I've done so
(Although I'm also happy being out living life).

Want to keep up rassling blog too.
If you're interested -
Although poss. relocation in the works
For this blog and that.
Stay tuned.
Want to become more active in blog community
Instead of just hiding out here on my own.

Meanwhile - for anyone still reading this POS -
XO to all of you
For putting up with my flakiness.
Hope I'm not like that in real life -
Though I know at least one or two friends
Who'd say I am.
Happy New Year all - and more talking to ya
In 2008. :D XOs.

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Sunday, September 30, 2007
So - where I've been

Hey all! So ... I was in Scotland. :) Really I was. And then I came back. And took a lazy couple weeks before starting substitute teaching. And what crazy-ness. I'm doing that, plus adoption classes with Ari. It's been a case, of late, of being too busy living life to write about it. :) And now we've got 1-2 weeks of car shopping so we have our very own first vehicle to ourselves before we have to return Ari's folks' car that we're borrowing while they're out of town. So the busy-ness continues, and as you can see from my sidebar, I'm not sure how frequently I'll be able to keep this up the next week or two. But will do my best.

Bare minimum, I will put in some time the next day or two to put up links to our Scotland photos for anyone interested. Cool? Cool. Hope you enjoy and will ttyl gang.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

So just a quick note that I will probably not be blogging terribly much in the next week (as I haven't the last week and a bit ... the Blogathon killed my creative juices, writing-wise anyway, although I've become the Queen of the Youtube Wrestling Videos in the meantime). I'm going to be in Scotland, and have no idea what my internet access will be. And if it IS frequent, it will at least  be short because,  dude, I'm in Scotland. lol I might come on once just to give a recap of the trip so far, but then again I might just leave the blog altogether and post a big blog (perhaps w/pix?) when I get back. We'll see how it goes. But hope everyone is well for the next week, dies of missing Ari and I dreadfully, and blah blah blah. ;)

Kidding, kidding - but enjoy your 10 days, I KNOW I will! Peace.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007
So long, and thanks for all the fish ;)

So this is it ... wow ... feels like the top of a mountain. This has been tremendous guys.

I want to thank Ari for stayin' up with me ... I love you honey.
I want to thank anyone who has read this or is reading this ... even if you're reading this after the fact, anything written still applies to you - please continue to comment, feed back, etc.
Tatiana for getting me into this -- wow, what an experience. I see why you love it girl.
To the Blogathon people for doing this.
And to my sponsors ... who bear renaming;

Al and Val, my in-laws
Luna, a fellow Blogathonner
Tatiana, an old friend and fellow Blogathonner
Laura, my aunt-in-law
Josh, my best friend

And last but not least, to the Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region for being such a great program ... even if the blogathon is over folks, if you want to do me a major solid, please go to their site and donate? Such an important cause.

And may I reiterate, for the last time, as this event has brought me closure ... I wish forgiveness, and most of all peace, to the Benoit family, whose unfortunate and tragically deadly domestic explosion of last month inspired my choice of charity. While I can't go back in time and help Nancy or Daniel or even Chris, as they so clearly needed ... we have *all* done our part here, who have participated in this blog, to take a step to preventing such things from happening again, or at least helping people escape such situations.

And for that -- thank you everyone. And goodnight ... (or morning?)

Love and Peace to all, and see you next year.

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The Penultimate (Haiku)

I do now believe
There is something poetic
About getting ZZZZZs ...


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OK, yup ...

Still no creativity ... but a thought (whoa!)

As I've been looking at all different types of writing and inspiration and muse these 24 hours ... my battles with my weight inspired the one story, my heartbreak at the wrestling murders last month inspired this wrestling project and ... the stipper thing ... well, no explanation for that one lol, it just hit me one particularly cash-strapped week or two a year ago or so that I suppose it was possible people could get that desperate ... it occurs to me through these 24 hours I haven't paid sufficient homage to one very obvious type of writing:

BLOGS!!! I want to pay homage to everyone doing what they're doing today - guys *I* want to call for a comment-bombing ... please take some time between your own posts (or between waiting for mine, if you're just a visitor) to check out the other blogs involved in blogathon - some of the best-written stuff I've seen.

I want to give a shout out particularly to Tatiana over at who is doing a tremendous job (though looks as though she's getting as punchy as me).

I also want to encourage you to visit the blog of another friend of mine, Alex at, who didn't get a chance to do the blogathon but still writes an incredible blog that I enjoy a great deal. And definitely hit up the Blogathon surf frame and check out some other blogs - and if you see other worthy causes (you will!) be sure and hit them up with a sponsorship too -- they'll appreciate is (as I still will, of course, hint hint).

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OK guys ... 7:30 ... and the world is looking very prosey, ie not poetic, ie nothing to write home (or to the world) about. I see hubby's socks on the bed, am headed to a kitchen full of dirty dishes, am waiting an hour and a half to crash into an unmade bed, and my cats are raising ruckus as hubby and I are trying to stay awake and finish our respective projects ... I think I'm declaring this a coffee break -- while I try to find my muse in the black stuff, why don't YOU take some time to sponsor the Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region (button to the right), check out some of my completed writing in the FileFactory, check out my other blog at, and I promise to be back next half hour with some kind of imaginative goodness. :D

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Last Entry re. Wrestling Project

OK this is just too depressing for this early in the morning ... I'm going to see if I can just find some fun little projects for the last couple hours ... *so proud of the progress I've made on these projects here! :D

When Kerry lost the belt back to Flair after eighteen days as champ, he ultimately ended up in the WWF/E, where he became the Intercontinental champion (secondary title only to the World championship itself) on August 27, 1990, at an even called Summerslam.[1] Nonetheless, Kerry's drug woes continued to follow him. After being suspended from the WWE for failing a drug test and missing several scheduled appearances, Kerry was busted for cocaine possession while already being on probation for having being caught forging prescriptions.[2] Days later, on February 18. 1993, he shot himself dead on his father's property. Hours after finding his son's body, Fritz Von Erich

"calmly spoke to reporters about his son and a foot amputation that no one had known about but had not prevented him from wrestling.

His right foot was amputated a year after it was severely injured in a 1986 motorcycle accident, said the father, who said everyone at the hospital and, later, the physical therapists, had sworn to secrecy.

"No one knew. It was extremely painful at first," Adkisson said. "Kerry's had a drug problem since that accident, and no one was ever about to tell why."

He said Kerry didn't want to tell because "fellas might think he was weaker."[3]

Kerry Adkisson was 33 years old. By 1993, of the six Von Erich boys, only Kevin was left behind.

Nor were these losses easy on Fritz and his wife Doris within a year of Kerry's demise, they'd divorced, ostensibly because she blamed him for the loss of their sons.[4] Fritz, heartbroken over the myriad tragedies in his family (and often blamed for those tragedies due to having 'forced' his sons into the business in the first place, and then turning a blind eye to their psychological and substance problems) and the breakup of his marriage, died of cancer on September 10, 1997.[5]

[1] WWF, Summerslam, Colliseum Home Video, 1990.

[2] Flair, 181.

[3] Hollace Weiner, "Wrestler's suicide adds to family's woe; Tornado's death latest in series", The Montreal Gazette (20 February 1990), D5.

[4] Stu Saks, "Around the Ring", Pro Wrestling Illustrated (November 1997), 20.

[5] Schutze, A1.

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My Von Erich Section Ctd.

** read earlier blogs about this tragic family to catch up **

This left brothers Kevin, Chris and Kerry. Chris was the youngest of the Von Erich boys, but unfortunately the next to be struck by tragedy, at the tender age of 21. Of all the boys, he wanted desperately to be a wrestler. However, health issues such as asthma and brittle bones, as well as the expected battles with substance abuse as he followed in his brothers' footsteps, held him back. Depressed about the deaths of David and Mike, and frustrated with his lack of success in the wrestling business, Chris shot himself on September 12, 1991.[1]

This left Kevin and Kerry still wrestling. And while Kevin would go on to retire in 1995, and lives to this day in Texas, dabbling in real estate[2], Kerry would not be so lucky. He was ultimately the one who, had he successfully fought his demons, would have best followed in David Von Erich's footsteps, and he was ultimately the most successful of the Von Erich boys from a professional wrestling standpoint, defeating Ric Flair for the NWA World Title on May 6, 1984, at an event memorializing his brother David. Flair recounts, however, that the intention was never to keep the belt very long on Kerry, given his (surprise) drug problems. Flair recounts, in fact, a match he had with Kerry in 1985, where Kerry showed up 10 minutes late for the match, and ended up spending most of the match trying to find and flirt with a girl he'd invited to the show. Von Erich was so out of it, Flair said, "It all became so pathetic I actually put myself into holds. I placed Kerry in a figure-four, then turned over like he reversed it. I fastened on a headlock, then took his hand and clamped it on my arm while I ducked around, making it look like he was powering out of the maneuver."[3]

[1] Flair, 181.

[2] Various Editors, Wikipedia, 27 July 2007 <> (29 July 2007), Kevin Von Erich Wiki.

[3] Flair, 177-178.

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